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Justin Jared Thompson 1986 – 2002

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About Justin-Thompson.com

About Justin Thompson website www.Justin-Thompson.com.
More on the reason why I made this memorial website for my brother Justin. The teen suicide rate and prescription drug abuse rates in Utah are of the highest in the nation. I wanted to shed light on this fact, by illustrating it through my experience. I created Justin-Thompson.com back in 2007, but this is really the first time of writing about why I created it.
I wrote this article tonight on this subject as well.  Ref;  http://behindzioncurtain.com/why-i-built-a-memorial-to-my-youngest-brother-who-committed-suicide/

This is the video that I created tonight about this site;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGMIkq7LdXA

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Forty Days in the Desert – By Ryan Thompson

This was the poem that I had wrote in 1999, that my brother liked the most of all of my poetry. My father asked that this be put on my brother’s funeral program, when he was buried in January of 2002. Walking through the desert Be it forty days, or forty years… I hear gentle […]

Dedication to my brother Justin Jared Thompson 1986 to 2002

My brother Justin Jared Thompson was born on January 13th 1986, and ended his own life on January 22nd 2002 I will always treasure our time together.