Justin Jared Thompson Memorial

Justin Jared Thompson 1986 – 2002

About Justin-Thompson.com

About Justin Thompson website www.Justin-Thompson.com.
More on the reason why I made this memorial website for my brother Justin. The teen suicide rate and prescription drug abuse rates in Utah are of the highest in the nation. I wanted to shed light on this fact, by illustrating it through my experience. I created Justin-Thompson.com back in 2007, but this is really the first time of writing about why I created it.
I wrote this article tonight on this subject as well.  Ref;  http://behindzioncurtain.com/why-i-built-a-memorial-to-my-youngest-brother-who-committed-suicide/

This is the video that I created tonight about this site;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGMIkq7LdXA